Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Favorite YA Things

As a YA writer and reader, there are some websites that I rely upon and even frequent daily. These sites have fun, interesting posts or expansive information or even both. Today, as I prepare to travel north for Christmas, I thought I’d share my favorite YA resources. I hope you find them worthwhile and please feel free to share your own favorite resources in the comments.

YA Stands
This site addresses YA specific and current issues. I get each post in my e-mail and I’ve grown quite fond of the informality of each post. It’s easy to read in the mornings when my brain isn’t fully functional. Also, there are multiple contributors which keeps it interesting and informative.   

YA Highway’s Publishing Road Map
This road map has helpful information on all aspects of the publishing journey. I was surprised and delighted at how expansive the site is. I’ve already explored a good portion of the links, and recommend the Setting and World Building list—it’s been useful to me already!

Nova Ren Suma’s Blog
Distraction 99 is a blissful distraction. I enjoy reading Nova’s blog not only because she discusses her writing life and habits but because she dives into other authors’ thoughts in her writer-to-writer interviews. Her viewpoint in these interviews is one that only a published author can provide and I find it unique and helpful.

Teen Reads’ Coming Soon section
If you are looking for new upcoming YA books, I would suggest visiting this link. It’s all-encompassing and the first site I click on to find out what’s coming soon in the YA world.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

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