Sunday, January 27, 2013

When Writing Doesn't Work

So, I’m stuck. It’s not even February, and I’m still trying to gain traction with my goals, writing and otherwise. It’s like trying to drive in freezing rain: you turn the wheel, but your car won’t follow. Your brakes take too long to respond. Or worse, you get stuck in the snow/ice/slush and no matter how much you accelerate, you only manage to dig deeper.

When I’m stuck, writing is my go-to method of de-stressing. But it doesn’t work all the time. So I have some back-up methods. Even though the rut I’m in right now can’t be solved by a visit to the gym or an hour with a glue gun, it helps. Every little bit helps.

I can be a crafty person. Recently, I did this:

Now above my TV.
There is something about making something with your hands. I say this as I type words on my laptop. Technically, I’m making something with my hands, but making something solid is different, somehow. Using paint or colored pencils is different than writing words on a page, for me. So, sometimes when the words won’t come, I craft. Or create. Or interior design.

I have to admit, winter is a bad time for me and exercise. We tend to take a break when the weather drops below 50 degrees. But there are ways that I still “exercise” without actually having to *cringe* run outdoors (or something similarly ridiculous). These include: walking through the mall (as long as I don’t swipe a card, I’m good), throwing myself into work (books are heavy) and cleaning (vacuuming is sweaty). It doesn’t fill me with endorphins like a strenuous work-out, but it does the trick.

Come on, you know you want to disappear into a fantasy world, full of wizards, mermaids or fairies and whatever evil they are trying to evict. A good book will clear my mind of current woes and let me escape, albeit temporary. Even as I write this, I can’t wait to dive back into my current read, letting the white walls of my apartment fall away and the decorated, dangerous ones of Days of Blood and Starlight rise around me.

Television and movies are a distraction. I have my fair share of indulgences and guilty pleasures when it comes to TV and DVDs, but I also look to them as a source of inspiration, on occasion. It is a form of art, and sometimes the imagery of a movie is beyond moving. Words spoken can make you cry. Moments of intrigue and conflict can force you to the edge of your seat. Plus, it’s another way to disengage and relax.
Hope everyone is having a cozy, cocoa-filled winter!

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