Sunday, August 25, 2013

Get Out of Town Without Going Too Far

Have you ever just wanted to get out of town? Leave for a week, unplanned, and wish that everything was the same when you returned, meaning you didn’t lose your job, your dog managed to survive in your absence, the bills were paid, the food didn’t spoil and there was no missing persons report in your name?

Yeah, me too.

Taking a step back from it all is vital. In the spirit of that sentiment, I've planned two whole vacations this week. Hotels, attractions, restaurants, travel… everything except making the actual bookings. One to Walt Disney World/Universal Studios and one to London. The depressing, sad, torturous (no exaggeration) thing is: I will not be taking said vacation until October 2014. Lots of unnecessary explanation why, but trust me in saying that 14 months is just too far away.

So, I’ve taken to "getting out of town" (but not really) in other ways, on rare and random days off. Here are some ways I’ve escaped, without really going too far.

1.       Explore a part of the city/town/countryside where you’ve never been
You know that place you’ve always wanted to go but still haven’t? (That museum, park, shopping area, restaurant, even a monument?) Yeah, that one. Go. Now. (Or at least soon.) Last month, my parents came into town and took my brothers, boyfriend and I to the canal. I’ve heard whispers of such a place, but experiencing it is another thing entirely. A staircase down and a whole new world of calm waters, grassy knolls and the barrier of architectured apartments equals a whole new take on Indianapolis.

2.       Venture into a book
Some of the most fantastical places can be visited, not by traveling the world, but by simply opening the pages of a book. [Tweet that?]

3.       Try something new
Take a course. (Or better yet, teach one!) Pick up a new hobby. It can be something adventurous like rock climbing. Or, you could take it easy with knitting. You know how you always go to the same stores and eat at the same restaurants? Well, try something different this week. Step into that eccentric looking shop. Try Thai, Greek or Brazilian. Unless you’re from Farmland, population 93, there’s no way you’ve experienced everything there is to offer in the spaces around you.

Yeah, these aren’t radical ideas. But I forget them every now and then, so I figured maybe others do as well. If you’re a little stuck or bored of the ho-humdrumness of your everyday life and feel the need to escape, but can't, just change it up a bit. Drive a different route. Experience a new genre. Escape within the realms of your own life. Go just far enough to gain another perspective and relax and relish in the new view.


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