Sunday, September 8, 2013

Embracing Change

Change will sometimes leave you reeling. I thought I was flexible, open-minded and even liberal. But something happened this week at one of my jobs from which I’m still trying to recover. It will take time, patience and a willingness to change to accept it. I’m afraid I can’t discuss… well, anything about it. But just know that it was big, shocking and I didn’t see it coming. Being prepared could have helped break the blow, but there are some things you just can’t prepare for. It’s a tough road ahead, but I'm going to attempt to embrace the change with these steps.

Focus on the Advantages
This might be difficult. Okay, let me revise: this will be difficult. Change is rarely easy to accept, but even in the unhappiest of events, there are advantages, however minute. If you get fired from a job, you’ll have more time with your significant other, children, family, friends, right? So, once you get past the end-of-my-career/life/world-is-nigh perspective, embrace the good that can come from this change. I’m sure it’s there, even if you have to search a little to find it.

Recognize the Disadvantages
It’s important to not shove the disadvantages under the rug. You can’t ignore the fact that change will occasionally (sometimes, usually—whichever) result in disadvantages. Things change for the worse as often as they change for the better. But the point is to recognize these disadvantages, deal with them if necessary and then move on.

Move On
There’s no point in dwelling. Whatever it was, it happened. It may be hard to accept, but coming to terms with it sooner rather than later will help in the long run. Humans are stubborn, but they are also adaptable, flexible and capable of evolving. Give yourself a little time, but then get back into the daily swing of things.

Let go, or be dragged.

Society doesn’t expect you to embrace change with open arms, but eventually you should be able to give it a hearty handshake and say: "Change, you gave me a hard time there for a bit, but I’ve come to accept you in my life." And at that point, the world will likely throw something else your way.

P.S. I realize I haven’t said ‘YA’ or ‘teen’ or ‘write’ once in this post. It’s weird, but sometimes life doesn’t have anything to do with books, writing and words. However odd that is, it’s a truth that I accept. Usually. Now, back to reading…


  1. Hope all is well...I hate change, but life is change. I've had to accept the crap thrown at me, sometimes with a smile on my face. You'll persevere!

  2. Thanks! I always prefer change for the better, but what happened this past week is likely not. It still remains to be seen though. Luckily, it didn't happen to me, technically, but it will greatly affect my work life. Perseverance is key!