Sunday, February 9, 2014

Three Traits I Require to Love Fictional Characters

I’m not on board with all fandoms. I don’t LOVE every YA book I read. (Though I do like quite a lot.) When I read a book or watch a TV show/movie, there are three things I’m looking for. If these three things are well-done and if they are all there, it can nearly guarantee my love for the characters.
They need to be likable. I need to be drawn to them. I need to be unable to stop reading or watching their stories. They are intelligent and courageous. They are revolutionaries. Protectors. Individuals. They are good. (Though not necessarily wholesome.)


They have chemistry with their friends, companions and/or lovers. Real, strong relationships. Like Sherlock and John or the Doctor and his companions. Heroes find people to complement them and to keep them sane and laughing. Because where would Katniss be without Peeta’s good heart? Where would Harry be without Ron and Hermione?


They’re weird. Which makes it okay for me to be weird.
Okay really just any excuse to use this picture.
(Not that I would visit Buckingham Palace wrapped in a sheet.)

Bowties are cool.


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