Sunday, March 10, 2013

Most Anticipated Teen Books: Spring 2013

Here are six soon-to-be-released teen novels that will hopefully put a spring in your step and drive away those dreary April showers. Enjoy.

March 21
17 & Gone – Nova Ren Suma

What it’s about:

Visions are impeding on Lauren’s life. They are of girls who are 17 and gone, missing without a trace. As Lauren, also seventeen, struggles to deal with these visions, she wonders why the girls are speaking to her. Can Lauren help the girls? Or is she the next to go missing? After a brush with death, everything begins to unravel and clues turn to a monumental truth.
Why I’m excited:
Because I’ve been hearing about this book on Suma’s blog for months and I’m eager to see it in my to-read pile. I have a feeling it will be suspenseful and thrilling and potentially even unputdownable!

April 2
Dark Triumph – Robin LaFevers

What it’s about:
LaFevers returns to 15th century France in this thrilling story of love, history and magic.  A sequel to Grave Mercy, Sybella arrives at the convent grief-stricken and half mad. One of Death’s trained assassins, the convent views her as a weapon and forces her back into the life that drove her mad. After she discovers an unexpected ally in the dungeons, she realizes there may be other reasons to live than for vengeance.

Why I’m excited:
Because this is the sequel to Grave Mercy, a historical fantasy novel that I adore. The idea that main characters Ismae and Sybella are Death’s assassins is intriguing and I look forward to devouring this story of another girl from that era and life.

May 7
Icons – Margaret Stohl
What it’s about:
The day that Earth lost a war it didn’t know it was fighting was the day that Dol’s family dropped dead. Unsure why she survived, Dol takes up a simple life in the countryside, away from the power and shadow of the Icon. When Dol and her best friend Ro are taken to the Embassy off the coast, she becomes immersed in conspiracy that is no coincidence. Joined by Tima, a hostage, and Lucas, the Ambassador’s son, Dol must piece together their past in order to save the future.

Why I’m excited:
Because I love the idea behind this book! The description is quite intriguing and has the word “conspiracy” (need I say more?). Plus, Stohl is a co-author of recent bestseller-turned-blockbuster Beautiful Creatures, which means Icons will surely be a hit as well.

June 4
The Moon and More- Sarah Dessen

What it’s about:
Luke and Emaline have been together all throughout high school in Colby, a beach town where they both grew up. He’s the perfect boyfriend but when Theo, an ambitious New Yorker, drops into Emaline’s life, she wonders if perfect is good enough. Emaline is split between her roots and her potential. She may want the moon and more, but can she balance where she comes from with where she’s going?

Why I’m excited:
Because Dessen’s novels are always relatable and realistic. She’s the Nicholas Sparks of teen fiction in that she writes about romance and real issues in the Carolinas but of course that is a narrow definition of her talent. I’m sure The Moon and More will be another swoon-worthy bestseller. Also, I love Dessen’s down-to-earth Twitter presence.

Siege & Storm – Leigh Bardugo
What it’s about:
Darkness never dies, and Alina can’t outrun it for long. In the sequel to Shadow and Bone, the Darkling has emerged with a terrifying new power and a dangerous plan. Alina must return to the country she abandoned to fight the gathering forces. As she slips deeper into the Darkling’s game, she glides farther from Mal, forcing her to chose between country, power and love—or risk losing everything in the coming storm.

Why I’m excited:
Because I’m eager to dive into Shadow and Bone, the first in the series and this sequel sounds just as good, if not better. The concept behind the series has piqued my interest since the first book’s release, and truthfully I should have read it months ago. Now I'm planning on waiting until June so I can dive into both books at once!

June 18
Watcher in the Shadows – Carlos Ruiz Zafón
What it’s about:
When fourteen-year-old Irene moves with her family to Cape House in Normandy, she meets a local boy named Ishmael. They soon fall in love, but a dark mystery shrouds their romance and darkens the skies. When a young girl is found murdered, their summer of love turns to terror as they try to piece together the mysteries and secrets of a town torn apart by tragedy.

Why I’m excited:
Because The Prince of Mist was mysterious, magical and unputdownable and I’m betting this novel will be the same. Normandy is a bold and powerful setting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Zafón integrates that choice with the thrilling plot.

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