Sunday, April 21, 2013

Experiencing Re-Inspiration

This week has been rough. It’s been a tough one for Boston, Texas and many places and people around the country and world. Though mine was to a lesser degree, I am exhausted, un-caffeinated and blocked in a way which I refuse to define as writer’s block. Mainly because I’ve had one of my best writing weeks in a while, but the effort has seemingly taken it out of me.

The WIP I’ve been working with for years (the idea originally came to me in a dream in 2009) has changed, again. After numerous mutations and plot shifts, I wrote the entire first draft in NaNoWriMo 2012 (I’d just had bits and pieces until that point). The accomplishment of having one whole draft (no matter how much editing it needed) was a great one for me.

I intended to finish the draft by 2013, but the holidays got in the way (as they tend to). Then I resolved (on New Year’s, how conventional) to complete the draft by July. However, I became trapped in the ending; I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, I didn’t like any of my ideas, and I was overcome. The draft, my story was unintentionally set aside.

Then, one week ago, inspiration struck. I was at work and oddly enough, a sentence popped into my head. It must have jumped from one of the books I was surrounded by because surely it didn’t come from my own mind. I jotted notes furiously and by the time I got home that night, I was re-inspired to dive back in.

So dive I did. In a week, I re-wrote the plot (again), moved the scene that was the inciting incident to the climax (it works better this way, I promise) and created something new, with the same concept and cast of characters. I’m surprised by both how much I wrote in November that I will still be using, and how much will be backlogged, probably not to be re-visited for some time, if ever.

This week, I’ve been confused, excited and obsessive (my journal tends to go with me where I go, for when I’m thinking of cupcakes or owls or lacy things and inspiration strikes). I’ve been writing well and yet been over-worked (two jobs will take it out of you). And I’ve come to realize that my resolution of having a whole draft by mid-year is still possible, yet likely improbable.

But, that’s writing. Goals may go unfulfilled and deadlines may pass, but as long as I keep writing, someday they will be met. Someday I will accomplish what I strive for. (Someday soon, hopefully.)

So dear all ye who have also had a tough week, for whatever reason, to whatever degree: stay strong, keep calm and write on. Cheers.


  1. I'm cheering for you! Isn't it funny how re-inspiration strikes, sometimes? So glad you're still finding time between two jobs and life to do something you love and create something amazing.

  2. Thanks! This time the inspiration really did throw me off balance, but that's life. Hope your busy week is going well!