Sunday, July 28, 2013

Destination YA: The Beach

Where better to visit during the summer than the beach? The water is refreshing (or chilling if you spent your summer days at Lake Michigan like me). The warm sand feels like your own personal foot massage (until it gets too hot). And lounging under an oversized umbrella is about as relaxing as it can get. Let your worries slide into the ocean and disappear forever (or until you get back to your car).

Here are some great YA gems that aren’t only awesome beach reads, but that take place near the beaches of the Carolinas, Hamptons and England too. Dive right in!


Along for the Ride: Sarah Dessen

Along for the Ride takes place in the fictional coastal town of Colby during the bright days of summer. Auden and Eli are both struggling to overcome their pasts, in Auden’s case her parent’s divorce which caused her to grow up too quickly and Eli is haunted by a friend that passed too soon. Together they learn what it means to be young and carefree, along the always comforting Carolina shore.


Rules of Summer: Joanna Philbin

When Rory signs on to be a summer errand girl for a wealthy family in the Hamptons, she descends into another world of beachfront mansions, expensive cars and the latest fashion, not to mention a summer romance that is all her own. The other staff warns Rory not to get close to the family she’s working for, but soon she’s friends with Isabel Rule. It’s all fun and laughter until some hidden Rule family secrets come to the surface and their picture-perfect summer takes a turn like a storm approaching shore.


The Prince of Mist: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

This isn’t your typical beachy-fun novel with swimsuits, cute lifeguards and a plethora of pool floaties. The Prince of Mist takes places in an English coastal town during World War II, where three young teens are confronted with a legend of old that manifests into a ghostly, deadly prince of the mist. The coastal environment plays a role as Max, Alicia and Roland explore the old house where they just moved and fields and beach surrounding it. If you’re looking for something a little darker to beat away the perpetual sunshine, this is it!


More books with beaches:

The Lifeguard: Deborah Blumenthal
The Moon and More: Sarah Dessen
The Summer I Turned Pretty: Jenny Han

Don’t forget to wiggle your toes in the sand!

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