Sunday, July 21, 2013

Keeping Up the Juggling Act of Writing and Life

Juggling my work, passion and everything else seems to be more of a job than anything these days. In balancing my work and passion (which I posted about last month), I have so many balls in the air that I’ve created an unsteady balance, which I’m desperately trying to keep manageable. Metaphorically, I’ve become quite the juggler. Luckily I’m a natural at organization (thanks Mom & Dad for those genes!) so it’s not as difficult as it could be to keep everything straight. However, sometimes it seems that if I get distracted in making sure one ball flies high, the rest might tumble down on my head.

Then at least I'd have my own ball pit to go nuts in.

Here’s what I have in the air at the moment:
·         Novel Writing
·         Short Story Writing
·         Blogging
·         Tribe Writers course
·         Freelance work
·         Reading (books, blogs, etc.)
·         Work #1: Bookstore
·         Work #2: Bank

·         Boyfriend time
·         Family time
·         Me time
·         Cleaning/Cooking/Keeping my life livable

I have to admit that I don’t spit my focus equally. If I tried, I would likely fail. But I think the point is to keep all these aspects of my life in the air, yet really concentrate on two or three at a time. I strive to make sure that all my focuses are kept at a manageable level (clean clothes to wear, blog kept up-to-date, showing up at work on time and with a smile) but I need to ensure that I’m thriving at the most important.
Some suggestions that help:
1.       Write every day! Or (if I’m working a double) at least contemplate my story daily to keep the plot and my characters in the front of my mind
2.       Passion first: On my days off, I try to write/blog/read first, so if I run out of time/caffeine by the end of the day, the other stuff (cleaning/errands/miscellaneous) will get cut
As I keep up this crazed, caffeine-charged juggling act, I can’t forget why I have so many balls in the air. The reason behind the madness is my passion for writing, and the goals I'm working toward. These can’t fall by the wayside. Keeping up the juggling act is hard work, but hopefully, one day, accomplisihng my dream will be the ultimate reward.

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