Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best Unputdownable Teen Books of 2013

Narrowing down the 64 books I read this year to the five that were completely, absolutely unputdownable was not easy. I read fantastical adventures, swoon-worthy romances and even a few unconventional selections. I used the words ‘love’ and ‘adore’ a lot (maybe too much) in my personal book journal. And I committed myself to reading an undisclosed amount of sequels. *cough* Too many. *cough* But I did manage to select five awesome, unputdownable YA books that provided all the necessary feels. And some unnecessary ones too.

Eleanor & Park: Rainbow Rowell
Released February 26, 2013
The realness of Eleanor and Park’s relationship is what got me about this book. I wasn’t expecting something that appeared normal (young, inexperienced love) to be so extraordinary (but it was). The descriptions of their love, first hand-holding to first kiss, were beautiful and fresh. This book was both heart-warming and heartbreaking, which is quite a feat. I deem this a must-read of 2013!

Siege and Storm: Leigh Bardugo
Released June 4, 2013
The primary reason why I love this book: Sturmhond. And I’m only partially kidding. He’s mysterious yet over confident, talented and desirable. He’s multi-dimensional, as are most of the characters in this book and series. Alina (the Sun Summoner) is deep and so wrought internally that I’m still in awe. With the tension level at a near-constant high, I found this book hard to part with, even after I finished it. The action was non-stop and I wished so whole-heartedly (still do, in fact) that I could have kept reading right through to the end of Ruin and Rising.

Earthbound: Aprilynne Pike
Released July 30, 2013
The story of star-crossed lovers who are drawn to each other across time has been done before. But Earthbound was different—there’s more to the story. It’s not just the love but ancient secret societies (who doesn’t love a good secret society?) with fancy Latin-sounding names. The main character, Tavia is compelling and strong, and I adore that she is her own woman, not just a bland reincarnation of the women before her (but she still has their knowledge!). Earthquake (the sequel, not the natural disaster) cannot come soon enough!

Crown of Midnight: Sarah J Maas
Released August 27, 2013
The end to this sequel FLOORED me. The slow flow of secrets throughout the novel led to a full-blown, head-turning, artfully-divulged stunner at the very end. I was reeling for days after finishing it. The depth of character and story was outstanding as well! Celeana is not the heartless assassin she may seem, but multi-faceted, intelligent and intriguing. And the love triangle? I’m still swooning. This series will be on my must-read list for years to come.

Just One Year: Gayle Forman
Released October 10, 2013
When I picked up this book, I knew what happened at the end. But somehow (due to Forman’s expertise, I’m guessing) the anticipation made this book unputdownable. The sharp, strong voice of Willem, a lost boy who was attempting to find Allison, a girl he spent just one day with in Paris, kept me entrenched. The absence of Allison for the majority of the novel (I was dying to see her again!) and the everyday experiences that were both menial and great, added up to an unforgettable journey.

What books were unputdownable for you this year?

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