Sunday, January 12, 2014

Five Things I want from YA in 2014

Last week I wrote about my goals for 2014. But there are also some things I'm hoping/wishing/DYING for in the YA genre this year. In no particular order, I want...

More News like this:

Also an announcement from John Green re: new book. I know he’s writing and I don’t want to rush him (okay, maybe I do a little) but I just want NEWS that another book is coming. I just want the knowledge. It will comfort me.

More Diversity
YA books can be boundary-breaking, but the genre is strides away from being where it should concerning diversity. I desire a wider range of characters when it comes to race/creed/orientation/background/situation. As a reader, I have to seek this out, and I would like it to be reflected on the shelves. For that to happen, it has to be a group effort. Let’s get this done, folks!

Movie Releases/Announcements
TFIOS. Divergent. The Giver. If I Stay. Maze Runner. Mockingjay. I WANT THEM ALL. Now, please. Also, I want optioned movies moving to development. And in development movies moving to filming. You get my drift. I want more YA books becoming movies.

Series Endings
I need Ruin and Rising (by Leigh Bardugo), The One (by Keira Cass), Dreams of Gods and Monsters (by Laini Taylor). I want the closure they will provide. And authors, be nice. No one needs to die. Except maybe the bad guys…

The Next Big Thing
I love a good dystopian novel, but it recently came to my attention that the subgenre is waning in popularity. Dystopia burned bright and fast due to the popularity of Hunger Games and Divergent. Even though they are still on our radar with the upcoming movies, I’m curious as to what will be next. Because right now, I have NO IDEA what's coming.


Honorable Mention:

Debuts, series and authorial (or NEW BOOKS)
Winner’s Curse, Side Effects May Vary, The Inventor’s Secret, Death Sworn, PANIC. The book by Lauren Oliver… I’m not actually panicking. Though I’m starting to as I realize there is not enough time to read all of this awesomeness. Sigh, just another reason I need a timeturner.


  1. More diversity is always needed, and I'd particularly like to see more LGBT books that aren't specifically "issue" books, if you know what I mean. THE WINNER'S CURSE is so, so good, btw--if you love Leigh Bardugo, I'm pretty sure you'll love that!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. I do know what you mean! I'd like to see that as well. Thanks for the tip about Winner's Curse-- I've actually already read it! I included it with the new books I'm excited for because of how much I loved it! I already can't wait for the sequel!