Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Purpose of Vacation

Last Saturday I returned from a week-long family vacation to Charleston, South Carolina. There was sand and sun and ocean and relaxation and reading. There was family time and beach time and even a little time for history and shopping. It was fabulous! But now that I’ve been back to the grind for a week, I’ve been thinking: why do we vacation?


To Escape

This is not how Indiana looks. There are no palm trees or plantations in my home state (that I know of).  
To Relax

Nothing says relaxation like a beach chair and the ocean.
To Explore

While kayaking down a backwoods river I counted one owl, two alligators and just about a million dragonflies.
To Experience Something Different

Charleston is a lot of things I’m not used to. It’s the South. It’s a city that’s older than this country. It’s a harbor town which seemingly has more water than land. There’s seafood, brightly-colored shorts, miles of beaches, cobblestones and lots of “y'alls.”  
To Experience Something Risky

Like HOLDING A SHARK. (Don't worry, we threw them back.)
To Experience Beauty

*still in awe*
To Let Go
Dance with the wind in my arms, the sand and surf between my toes and not a care or worry in my head!
Why do YOU vacation?

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