Sunday, April 13, 2014

MORE Teen Books-to-Movies 2014 & Beyond

So, I may have already written about the major YA books-to-movies coming out in the next six months. In my last books-to-movies post, I covered The Fault in Our Stars, The Giver and If I Stay. And a year ago, I talked about The Maze Runner in this post, whose release date has since changed. Therefore, I decided to do something different with this semi-annual post about YA books-to-movies. I’m going to share some recent movie news about YA films currently in development. The earliest we might see these in theaters is 2015 and it will likely be later as these awesome adaptations are still in the very early stages of the book-to-movie process. 

The 5th Wave
Cassie has survived the first four waves of an alien invasion that has devastated Earth’s population and forced the remaining civilization back to the Stone Age. As she navigates the 5th wave of the invasion, she is also searching for her younger brother, who was taken from her months before.
In this recent article, it was announced that the lead role of Cassie will be played by Chloe Grace Moretz. Moretz is also starring in If I Stay (in theaters in August), so she’s no stranger to the YA book-to-movie scene.

Eleanor & Park
Misfit teenagers Eleanor and Park bond over comic books and music on the school bus. But when their friendship extends past their encounters on the bus, they are faced with obstacles to their budding romance.
Dreamworks recently announced that they optioned the film rights to this bestseller, with author Rainbow Rowell signed on to write the screenplay. The current plan is to start filming in 2015.

Paper Towns
Paper Towns is a story of two high schoolers, Margo and Quentin, who shared a traumatic childhood experience then reunite to exact revenge on anyone who Margo feels has hurt her. Then Margo disappears and only Quentin has the information to find her.
This announcement means John Green will have another book coming to the big screen soon(ish). The same studio, producers and screenwriters as The Fault in Our Stars movie (in theaters June 6) will bring Paper Towns to life, and even one of the actors will stay on. Nat Wolff, who plays Isaac in TFIOS, will play Quentin in Paper Towns.

That was a good day on the internet.

I am excited about ALL of these! But I’m trying not to be too excited, because it will be a long wait until any of these projects in development grace the big screen. But still, yay!

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