Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top Ten Books I Read in 2014

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This year was full of great YA! The books I read were fantastical, suspenseful, mysterious and unputdownable. I struggled ranking these gems-- it was tearing my book-loving soul to pieces! So, here are my top picks for 2014, listed by author's last name, four of which I reviewed in my Six Star Reviews blog series.
Ruin and Rising: This book (actually, the whole series) is engrossing, well-written and unique. I cringed, cried and questioned the status of soulmates (because a certain character was so amazing).

Prisoner of Night and Fog: This novel reached into my chest and wrapped its pages around my heart and tightened. I flew through it, somehow both appalled and intrigued. An outstanding debut of 2014!

A Thousand Pieces of You: High concept. Layered mystery. Big reveals. Marguerite’s story is intriguing, intelligent, and so unputdownable that I engulfed it in just one day!

Heir of Fire: This is the third book in one of my favorite YA fantasy series! I was happy to take my time with this tale (it's a tome!) and really dive into Celeana’s newest adventure (on a new continent with new characters)!

Cress: I mean, who can say no to fairy tale retellings? I know I can’t! The stories of futuristic versions of Cinderalla, Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel intertwine and the tales only get better as the series progresses!

Panic: This tale is crazy, daring and risky. If you’re looking for a read in these winter months that will remind you of the humid summer, pick up this book about bravery, fear and freedom.

Kiss of Deception: This book is the very definition of unputdownable! Top-notch romance, an intricate world and the play of characters kept me reading, and the unbearable cliffhanger left me dying for more.

Isla and the Happily Ever After: This book has spine-tingling, heart-wrenching romance and some of the best cameos I’ve ever read in YA. I wanted to savor this tale of suspenseful romance, but instead I devoured it in just one day!

Winner’s Curse: This is a story that shouldn’t be missed, about a love that pulls at the heart and soul in all the right places. It’s an expertly plotted tale of masters and puppets, imperfections and strengths and bonds that are forged and cast aside in the time of war.

Afterworlds: Clever, well-woven tales of two girls and their stories. Darcy’s path toward publication in NYC and the whirlwind after the terrorist attack Lizzie lived through could be stand-alone tales, but they are so much better together.

Honorable Mentions:
Narrowing the list down to ten books was hard, so I just had to include Mortal Heart and Dreams of Gods and Monsters as honorable mentions! They were so close to the top ten! I actually reviewed these two (as well as The One by Kiera Cass) in this blog post from late spring!
What are your favorite books of 2014? What are your thoughts on my list? Are there any books from my list you'd include on yours? Are there any notable ones you wouldn't include? Let me know in the comments!


  1. A few of these made my list as well, as you already saw! I haven't read any of the others on your list yet, though I really ought to check out Prisoner of Night and Fog since I always love a good WWII story.

    1. If I had to pick an outstanding debut of 2014, Prisoner of Night and Fog would be it! Plus, there's a sequel coming in April, which I can't wait for!

  2. SO MANY GOOD BOOKS! I read Panic this year but I didn't enjoy it as much as some of Lauren Oliver's other books :( Aside from that, I've yet to read any of the others on this brill list! Must get to it ;) My TTT

    1. Panic was my first Lauren Oliver book, though her others have been on my list for some time! I need to get to those soon!
      Thanks for commenting!